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Why Is Oregon Called the Beaver State?

Esther Ejim
Esther Ejim

Oregon is called “The Beaver State” because of the long association of the state with the animal. The beaver was chosen as the official animal of Oregon for the same reasons that Oregon is also called “The Beaver State.” In 1969, the beaver was declared the official state animal by Oregon's state legislature. The early settlers in the state trapped the animal for its its meat as well as for the fur, which they used to make items like fur hats. At the time, fur hats were very fashionable, and the excessive demand for the commodity led to a massive overhunting of beavers. This was in addition to the hunting of the animals by Native Americans, who used both the meat and fur of beavers.

Beavers were abundant in Oregon because the many streams in the state made a perfect habitat for the animals, which rapidly procreated and multiplied. This development led to the establishment of numerous trapping routes where fur trappers would set traps along the animals' places of habitat in order to catch them and sell their meat and fur. These early trapping routes eventually morphed into the area that is identified as The Oregon Trail.

Oregon named the North American beaver its state animal in 1969.
Oregon named the North American beaver its state animal in 1969.

Such massive hunting of the creature led to a sharp decline in its population. This led the Oregon authorities to intervene before they were hunted to extinction. One of the ways it did this was to provide partial protection to the beavers and to establish an effective management program that allowed the animals to breed once more and proliferate as they once did. This close involvement of the Oregon government with the protection of the animals is part of the reason why the state is known as "The Beaver State." The early fashion of the settlers where the fur of the beaver was used to make fur hats is another reason why Oregon is referred to by this nickname.

Beavers are one of the largest rodents in the world. They are only second to the capybara in size. They are renowned for their construction abilities, which they employ to build dams. These dams not only provide shelter and protection from predators to the beavers, but they also serve as natural sources of erosion control. This industriousness is a quality that has further endeared the beaver to the state of Oregon, leading to its adoption as the state animal and to the designation of Oregon as “The Beaver State.”

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I aways thought of the beaver as being a very unique animal that I like simply because it is so much different than other animals.

I live in Illinois and the beaver does exists but is a bit of an oddity and is rarely seen among people who live in the state. However in Oregon these unique animals seem to be all over the place and although they may wreak havoc sometimes they are still the animals that make the state's identity and stand out among the animals in the state.

Their importance in the state's founding and settlement is known and their unique look only adds to their charm and makes the animal the perfect choice in its selection as the stae animal to be perfect and very unique.


@titans62 - Not only does is the Beaver unique and make the state of Oregon stand out in this regard, but the beaver is also an integral part of the state's history and was a major reason why people came to Oregon in the first place.

The beaver was high in demand among traders in the area that eventually became Oregon and this got people to eventually come and settle in what became the state.

If people remember the old Oregon Trail they will remember that there were many settlers that came to Oregon and this would not have been possible if the beaver was not around to make people known of the area in the first place and the trading posts created by the trading of beaver pelts allowed for the area to become known as a great place to settle.


@cardsfan27 - I feel you are absolutely correct and I like the fact that the state of Oregon picked an animal that actually depcits the state uniquely and in a good light unlike several other state that simply pick an animal that is prevalent everywhere.

I also feel like the beaver is a bit of an odd animal and unique in itself in the animal world. By picking an animal that is as unique as the beaver they have already separated themself from other states and actually picked something very different that makes them unique, but also makes sense and is an integral part of the heritage of the state and people can relate to the state itself.


I noticed that Oregon State University's mascot is the Beavers and they take great pride in their mascot despite them being inferior in a lof of athletics to its counterpart the Oregon Ducks.

I feel like when a state college adpots the state animal as its mascot that means that people do care about having it as their state animal and that they do not view it as being a dumb thing to have.

The Beaver may be everywhere, but it is a lot more prevalent in the Northwest and definitely reflects something that people will associate with the area.

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    • Oregon named the North American beaver its state animal in 1969.
      By: Chris Boswell
      Oregon named the North American beaver its state animal in 1969.