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What Is the State Song of Maine?

Rebecca Mecomber
Rebecca Mecomber

The state song of Maine is "The Maine Song," written by Roger Vinton Snow. The song is one of Maine's many state emblems inspiring pride and honor for the beautiful northeastern state in the United States. Maine's state song lyrics lively boast about the state's abundant forests, streams and salty seas with the words, "The scent of the fragrant pines, the tang of the salty sea will call us home." Maine's state motto, another important state symbol, is mentioned in the second stanza: "Oh, Pine Tree State, your woods, fields and hills . . . will ever fill our hearts with thrills."

Roger Vinton Snow's song was chosen from a pool of songs submitted for the state song of Maine. In 1931, Maine's state publicity bureau held a contest. Within three months, 116 songs were submitted, and judges honed the finalists down to four songs for the final vote. Radio audiences and a judging committee made the final selection on a public broadcast on Sunday, 5 November 1931. Vinton's "The Maine Song" was selected as the winner.

Maine's state animal in the moose.
Maine's state animal in the moose.

Maine's song was officially adopted by the Maine State Legislature on 5 April 1937. Roger Vinton Snow assigned the copyright of the song to the State of Maine. He also donated the original manuscript of the song where it was placed in the State Library of Maine. The spirited state song of Maine is reminiscent of a marching song, lauding the beauties of the Maine landscape and the residents's great pride.

Maine is in the northeastern U.S.
Maine is in the northeastern U.S.

Maine became the 23rd state of the United States on 15 March 1820. The territory had once been a part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1652. Disagreements regarding land boundaries and settlements led a secession attempt in 1807, but the resolution failed to pass. After the War of 1812 against Great Britain and a boom in population, Maine again sought independence from Massachusetts. The proud patriots received their statehood as part of the Missouri Compromise, and this pride is aptly depicted in the state song.

The state song of Maine proudly exults the state's bountiful natural resources and proclaims it as the Pine Tree State. Maine is one of the most heavily forested states in the United States, with nearly 90 percent of land populated by evergreen and deciduous trees. Nearly 17,000,000 acres (roughly 7,000,000 hectares) of forest cover the state of Maine. Its rocky coasts and seaports as mentioned in the state song of Maine make the state a hub for shipbuilding and fishing the cold Atlantic waters.

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The person who composed and wrote the state song of Maine must have really done some thinking about what is beautiful about the state.

In his song, he talked about the acres and acres of green forests, the coast with all the rock formations. Looking out to sea, you see fishing and boating. The scenery inland is beautiful during every season. He included the Pine Tree, which is the state tree in the song.

I have visited parts of Maine and can vouch for the beauty and opportunities to enjoy nature. I'd like to hear the song some day. Guess I'll have to find out if my state has a state song.


I didn't know that states had state songs. I knew that there was a state motto, a Maine state bird, tree, seal, and I don't know what else. But I've never heard of a state song. I wonder if all states have a song commemorating their state.

The residents of Maine must have been a very proud people, especially to have thought seriously of seceding from the Massachusetts Bay Company. They should be proud because they live in a very beautiful state.

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    • Maine's state animal in the moose.
      By: Pix by Marti
      Maine's state animal in the moose.
    • Maine is in the northeastern U.S.
      By: Hamik
      Maine is in the northeastern U.S.