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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Texas?

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Editorial Team

Learning about the investment in solar panels often comes down to cost. Solar panel cost is not a simple figure, though. Various factors play a role in the cost you are likely to pay for a solar panel system, but here is some information that can help you. If you are wondering how much solar panels cost in Texas, we have created a guide to help you understand your investment.

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What Is the Average Solar Panels Cost in Texas?

Though it is difficult to provide a very specific cost for solar panels, there are some factors to keep in mind as you consider installing solar panels. Overall, the average solar panel system in Texas will cost between $14,000 and $19,000, but that figure may be very different from your needs. 

Most people spend around $16,500 for their average 6 kW solar panel system, which includes residential mounting on the roof and the use of monocrystalline panels, which are some of the most efficient solar panels available today.

Texas is home to 29 million people, and it has a high number of sunny days each year. That makes it a prime candidate for solar panels. Solar energy here is readily available. And with the investment in a solar panel system, you can take full advantage of it. 

As of 2022, there are enough solar panels installed in the state to produce power for 935,000 homes. More so, solar panel costs in TexasTexas have fallen significantly—as much as 70% in just the last decade—which makes PV solar systems more accessible than ever.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

When it comes to choosing solar panels for your home, it will come down to a number of factors. Most large cities in the state, like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, will need enough solar panels to generate 6 kW of energy. That is the average amount needed. If your home needs more than the normal home’s energy output, you may need a larger solar panel system than this.

A customized quote is the best way to know solar panel cost that is specific to your needs based on the following:

  • Where you are located
  • The amount of direct sunlight on your roof (south-facing roofs are the best)
  • The type of solar panels you buy
  • Their overall solar efficiency level 
  • The amount of power your home needs
  • Your budget—higher quality solar panel systems cost more, but they may be more efficient in the long term

How Can You Save Money on Solar Panels?

If you are considering solar installation and you want the average solar panel cost for your region, do not overlook the availability of incentives. You have several options available.

Federal Tax Credit 

The federal tax credit is one of the most significant savings opportunities for you. With this tax credit, you can reduce how much you owe the government in federal taxes in the year that you install solar panels. Installing solar could mean getting a credit for between 26% and 30% in the form of a tax credit.

With the combination of federal tax incentives and local incentives, residents in the Lone Star state may be able to get the savings they need. That could mean these tax credits help you to reduce your initial cost and help you to get off the electrical grid, reducing or eliminating your energy bill.

Solar Rebates and Discounts

That is not the only way to save on solar panels. If you plan to buy your own solar panels to eliminate electricity costs, look at your city’s potential solar rebates and discounts. State solar panel costs will differ from one area to the next because of the availability of these discounts.

For example, the city of Austin, Texas, has a residential solar rebate program in place that could help you to reduce your costs, with the rebate equaling $2,500.

Members of the Farmers Electric Cooperative in Dallas may qualify for a rebate as well. This rebate is for any type of energy-efficient upgrade made to area farms or farmland.

Net Metering

Another way to save is through net metering, where you can sell back your excess energy produced to the utility company. Doing that in Houston could be a way to help you see a significant drop in your energy costs. 

You Have Options for Solar Panel Systems

The cost of installing solar may be high for some people, especially when you consider the overall needs of things like solar batteries. Solar companies can help you. They can tell you about the options for saving money, like the availability of Texas solar rebates and how to take advantage of available solar financing options in your area. 

Most importantly, remember that even if you are making monthly payments that are a fraction of the cost, solar panels will save you money over the long term. While you may not get free solar panels in every case, you can save money.

Let SmartSolar Help You Save Money

To learn more about how to lower energy costs through the use of solar panels, contact SmartSolar. Allow our team to help you to save money on solar power for your home.

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