How Many People in US Jails and Prisons are Non-Violent Offenders?

More than half of the prison inmates in the United States are non-violent offenders. In 2006, for example, there were 1,331,100 people imprisoned, only 667,900 of those were convicted of violent crimes. Robbery was the highest violent crime conviction, with 179,500 incarcerated offenders, followed by murder, with 144,500 inmates.

More Prison Population Facts:

More Info: U.S. Department of Justice; National Institute of Corrections

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This says more than half are non violent, but the 667,900 violent offenders out of the total 1,331,100 is actually 50.17%. How was the claim of the first statement extruded from these numbers?


Large prison population for a country that talks so much crap about freedom, huh?

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